Art For Interiors

Art For Interiors

Our recent Art for Interiors event was a huge success.  We thoroughly enjoyed throwing the studio doors open and inviting existing and new customers in to see the new spaces that we have here at Cavalry Park, Peebles.  Our studios have grown from two rooms to four, and with more space and an ever increasing portfolio of furnishing suppliers, we are keen to welcome people in to show what we can offer.  The art brought our studios to life, and the visitors who came to see it brought with them the buzz that our studios have missed throughout the pandemic.  Our aim is to inspire those who visit us with new ideas and a desire to bring what we do to your homes.  However, our visitors and customers inspire us too.  The more we chat to you about your homes, the more we love what we do and the more creative we can be.

Original art within an interior scheme to me is a little like real flowers.   It is alive, fresh, unique, and provides an element of originality to a scheme.  It can feel like a breath of fresh air.  Over the course of the week long exhibition we loved to style the pieces of art in different ways, to see how the surrounding colours, textures and forms could work with the art, and vice versa.  We had our favourites, and we were delighted that some of our visitors found their favourites too.  

The four Scottish Artists we chose to exhibit are personal favourites of ours.  Their work is particularly appropriate as starting points, or focal points, for colour schemes.  If you can find a mood, ambiance and style that you like in a painting, it would seem a perfectly appropriate place to start when embarking on an interior design project.  Every colour scheme begins with a starting point, and the best place to start is with something that evokes the feeling or mood that you would like to create in your room, whether that is a vibrant, fun open plan living space, or a serene and restful lounge.  Art in a room can serve as an "anchor" to a scheme. And a scheme with an anchor is a room that feels right.

We all know that art is a personal thing.  Creating a colour scheme, or an interior design scheme is also extremely personal.  Every project we undertake is different, and that is because every client is different.  Of course the real starting point for us is the client. 

If you would like to discuss your room, your home, your art, your interior design, please do get in touch.  Your conversation will inspire us.



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